3 Learn How To Play Path Of Exile

Path of Exile is an online action RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. The player begins waking up on the shores of Wraeclast, a remote continent that functions as a colony for criminals and other unwanted individuals. You control an exile who must confront the implacable wilderness with its dangerous inhabitants and, along with other outcasts, survive the place.

The game is completely free and is currently available on PC and Xbox One. If you want to try it, follow the steps below to learn how to play Path of Exile.

Step 1 – Go to the game site and create an account. Go in.

Step 2 – Download the game and install it on your computer. When the “Launch” button is lit, the game is ready to start.

Step 3 – Enter your email and password to access the world of Path of Exile.

Step 4 – Choose a character from the classes available to play. Each class is aligned with one or two attributes.

The player controls a single character from an isometric perspective (from the top view), which can be zoomed in or out with the mouse scroll.

Step 5 – Inside the game, just use the left mouse button to walk and hit the monsters that appear and collect falling items. To access your inventory use the “i” key, to see the map use the “tab”; with the right mouse button you use your powers; clicking “enter” you access the chat screen and you can choose between talking to everyone, partners, location, whispering and doing business.

Step 6 – When advancing level you can choose a passive skill within the Passive Skill Tree. From one of six distinct locations dictated by your chosen class, players can focus on fundamental specialties of their class or travel through the tree to build complex combinations of abilities from different disciplines. That way you can customize your character by drastically changing the way it is played.

Another way to strengthen your character is through gems (skill gems). When equipping them in an item you will receive a new ability, according to the attributes of the gem. Bonuses received increase as you kill enemies with your gemstone item.

Despite having an interesting history, Path of Exile does not differ so much in relation to other games of the genre. This, in a way, makes more experienced players more familiar with the dynamics of the game.

Anyway, Path of Exile is another free online option for anyone who likes the genre.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating System: Win XP 32
  • Processor: Pentium 4 3.0GHz / Sempron 3600+
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Disk Space: 8 GB
  • Graphics Card: GeForce 6600 GT / Radeon HD 3470
  • Direct X: DX 9

Recommended System Requirements

  • Operating System: Win XP 32
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz / Dual core 2218
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Disk Space: 8 GB
  • Graphics Card: GeForce GT 240 / Radeon HD 2900 Pro
  • Direct X: DX 9

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