6 Path Of Exile Presents New Update The Bestiary League

It will be available in March along with dozens of new items, gems and content for the end of the game.

The dark world of Path of Exile will expand in March with new items and challenges framed in the Bestiary League, a series of new challenges with which the hunter and scavenger Einhar Frey will teach us to hunt, capture and sacrifice beasts with the ultimate goal of make powerful items.

As we progress through these challenges, the Grinding Gear Games team says, we can fight and capture Legendary Beasts, “which are rare and formidable enemies.” There will be lots of creatures to hunt, and all of them will be recorded in a book with reviews of all these monsters from the world of Wraeclast.

One of the most interesting aspects of this free update is that we can keep these creatures alive to display them in our Blood Altar, as if it were a Menagerie, until we are ready to sacrifice them in the Atlas of Worlds, which will allow us to create and modify powerful items.

Among other novelties of this update of Path of Exile, highlights the possibility of traveling to the Spirit Lands to hunt one of the four Spirit Beasts. They are difficult encounters, clarify the authors of this action game and free-to-play role, but the reward will be worth it.

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