Path of Exile is an action RPG prepared by the Grinding Gear Games studio. The title in 2013 debuted on personal computers, where he won many awards. The creators decided to also create an edition for Xbox One.


In the Path of Exile, the player takes on the protagonist exiled from his homeland. The unfortunate goes to the continent of Wraeclast, where he must build his own history on his own. The world of production is created in the form of an instance – at the beginning the player goes to a big city-hub, but after leaving this place, the hero appears in the generated land. A similar system appeared in, among others, Guild Wars. Up to eight warriors can participate in one group at a time.


The creators have prepared as many as seven character classes, in which you can distinguish a Duelist, Shadow, Ranger, Marauder, Templar, and even a Witch. Each hero has its own statistics, strengths and weaknesses and extensive skills.

Path of Exile has a unique protagonist development system, because the developers have prepared a huge set of skills in which you can find up to 1350 entries. All classes use this set of abilities, but start developing in other places of decay.

The economic system also looks interesting because the authors have not decided on a typical currency. Players gain realms from individual places, which they then exchange in stores. The title was based on the free-2-play business model, but only items modifying the appearance can be purchased for cash.

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