2 Path Of Exile Unlocks War For The Atlas DLC With 32 New Maps

In the new Path of Exile DLC “War for the Atlas” new unique items and ten new gems await you.

Developer Grinding Gear Games has unveiled the new add-on for the ARPG Path of Exile. The War of the Atlas expansion, like the base game and the other six DLCs, is available for free.

The DLC is already available on the PC. The release of the Xbox One version will follow later in December.

War for the Atlas DLC content – what’s in the expansion?

The new Path of Exile expansion is about a conflict: An ancient being known as “The Elder” undermines the The Shaper’s creations over the World of the Atlas. You’re in the middle of this dispute that devastates the maps. In doing so, you explore the powers of the Elder.

32 New Maps

The War for the Atlas DLC will bring you new ways through nasty new challenges. Tap your way to the heart of the Atlas and face new challenges.

Shaped And Elder Items

If you fight in maps the Shaper or Elder control, you can find Shaped or Elder items there. These can have powerful properties that do not otherwise exist.

New Unique Items

From the hands of the community, much of the more than 50 new Unique Items for Path of Exile sprang up, which have now been unlocked by the new DLC.

10 More Gems By War for the Atlas

The DLC brings ten more gems into play. They are divided into

  • Four Skill Gems
  • Six Supports

The four Skill Gems focus on necromancy. The support gems should bring more variety into play and create new opportunities for many skills.

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