7 Seven Path Of Exile Character Classes Overview

Path of Exile, the popular free-to-play, Diablo-style action role playing game (RPG) from Grinding Gear Games, has finally made the jump from Steam to Xbox One. Path of Exile features seven primary character classes, one of which (the Scion) unlocks after completing Act 3.


The shadow is a hybrid class with 2 basic stats – agility and intelligence.

Shadow prefers to use quick hits with weapons in combat. Shadow’s favorite weapons are daggers or claws, and he also uses trap mines. The shadow inflicts a hail of strikes and spells ahead of its enemies and anticipates their actions.

The shadow class is the most complex class of all six presented in the game, because he is very fragile and vulnerable. However, his strength in the attack is very high and he can use a mixture of agility spells and traps.


It is dried and gray, but do not let it deceive you. His modest rag-like clothes hide a precise athletic figure – the result of years of asceticism and physical training. Age gave the Templar wisdom and at the same time retained his physical qualities.

The Templars crush their enemies with steel weapons and with words of truth. They have great courage, which can take him headlong into battle. The Templars are people of the Faith, and although many look at their courage as a reckless templar, his boundless Faith leads him. In a world where chaos and murder reign, the Templar towers above everyone like a beacon.

The Templar is a hybrid class. Balance between strength and intelligence. He is a skilful fighter who has trained almost all weapons from dirks to huge clubs. Can also use as a shield for additional protection, and a huge staff. In battle, this warrior of honor uses as many spells and magic tricks. The Templars have a lot of experience in making punishments, so they are happy to be ahead of everyone and take a hit on themselves first.


Duelist has a very sharp and quick temper. His manners are haughty and his skills are terrible and sharp. He is arrogant and self-confident. Someone calls him proud, but I would not call him that if you were yours, unless you certainly want to watch the insolent smirk on his face when the steel of his blade is in your heart. The Duelist always looks for an excuse for a fight. His manner of fighting – speed, skill and cunning. Duelist is a melee master who has a huge selection of different weapons. Women go crazy over him, men are afraid of him and only a few of them survive after a fight with him, survive only to tell about his ability.

Duelist is the choice of singles. This is a hybrid class. He can use a shield, and can deal with two opponents with the help of two blades. His weapons can hit anyone. His dodge does not allow enemies to kill him. He has a very strong bias and parry, equally well used both against the bow and against the ax. Duelist is a difficult opponent and his reputation as a killer is well deserved.


They mocked her. They pointed at her with their fingers and hid the children from home to her. They burned her house and drove her out of the village. But she survived. Flame, shadows, frost and disease are the weapons of a mighty witch who are subject to her control. Although it looks fragile and tender, do not underestimate it. Many she burned or turned into cold corpses that stretch beyond her string.

The witch is a class of an exile, a master of elements and dark art. She has the ability to destroy her enemies from afar. It is surrounded by a protective barrier that will have to be destroyed first, before getting to the witch. Also, in addition to the basic magic spells, she is able to send curses and diseases on her enemies. The witch is suspicious of friends and a very dangerous enemy.


A silent dark forest is home to the flexible Ranger. Avoiding the company of men, she polubila this desert and burnt the world, she fell in love with loneliness. Her life far away from civilization has hardened her body and spirit. This also allowed the ranger to learn a large number of weapons. Despite his courage, the ranger tries to fight from the hidden places, inflicting damage on his long battle bow in the distance. If the enemies still manage to get close to the rinders closely – she fights with a dagger, sword or bulovic with the fury of a tigress.

Ranger – a class of grace, agility and speed, appropriate to its graceful appearance. She easily and quickly breaks into the crowd of enemies causing deadly critical. Natural quickness gives it the ability to pivot from blows. For disguise, she prefers clothes that do not emit her from the environment. Ranger has a vast knowledge of ranged weapons, but is also dangerous with a sword in the hands and in close combat.


His face is marked by a lot of tattoos and scars, which in itself indicates that he suffered many bloody battles. The screams of war and the sound of broken skulls is a song for his ears. He is a merciless barbarian, who towers above all the rest horrifies his enemies. The marauder is well versed in many weapons, but his favorite are a heavy two-handed ax and a mace. He bursts into battle with a cry of joy and woe to those who will be on his way.

If you like rough physical strength and close combat – the Marauder is your class. His melee skills encompass a large area of skills from personal abuse of the victim, to mass skills leading to the death of crowds of enemies around him. In addition, the marauder’s arsenal includes buffs – these are various screams and other skills that inflict horror in the hearts of his enemies.


The Scion has to be unlocked through completing a specific task in Path of Exile. She’s not a starting character because she starts with no specialty and isn’t suggested for new players. The Scion starts in the very middle of the passive tree. The Scion comes off as more of a traditional RPG character in the sense that you build her from the ground up, similar to an Elder Scrolls character. The world is your oyster and you can choose how you make her. The benefit is that since you’re in the middle, you can reach out skills on opposite ends of the tree more easily.

Scions have been nerfed recently by pretty much halving most of their starting passives, before that there was almost no reason to not play a scion.


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